The Water Well Project

Our Water Well Project Goal

Water is life.  And without it, not much can be done.  Currently there is no running water at the site where the building will be constructed.  So our immediate need is to have water so that we can serve the community and move into the next phase of the building project.  Currently we must travel 3-5 miles to purchase clean water.  There are people who can deliver water as well, however, this option is very expensive and not ideal.

Before the building can be constructed we must have the water piping done to allow the flow of clean water.  This is why our first goal towards obtaining water was to gain approval by the government to drill on the land, this is been completed.  A geological survey was also required, in which we have also completed. Once those requirements were met we quickly started to drill.  We have to drill 250 meters in order to reach clean water.  Now that we are drilling we are currently accepting donations in order to reach our goal and complete this drilling project.

To donate to this water well project you can choose to give by either of the two methods below:

  • Give an online donation with a credit card: DONATE
  • Send a check to:

Homes of Hope International Organization
P.O. BOX 27361
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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