The Founders

About the Directors/Founders

Lucas & Lucy MuturiHomes of Hope International Organization was founded by Lucas and Lucy Muturi who are natives of Kenya, the land where thousands of children are finding themselves Fatherless and Motherless due to the AIDS epidemic. It was from these situations that the desire to open Homes of Hope was born.  A place where children would find hope in their unfortunate situations and the means to a better future.

Lucas comes from a family of ten; his Mother raised them as a single parent after the death of his Father when he was 11 years old.  Lucas experienced the struggle his family went through as they were confronted with a tough financial position with only their Mother fighting to provide for her family.  However, their impaired financial situation did not stop his Mother from welcoming every person that passed by their home with food and water.

After some neighborhood kids had lost both of their parents due to illness, Lucas and his brother decided to open up their home and take the orphans in as part of their own family.  Lucas’s generosity and concern for children in need continued into adulthood and he eventually went on to help other kids in need with the means to go to school.  Some of which are now out of school, working and are looking to return the generosity that was extended to them by partnering with the vision of Homes of Hope International Organization.

When Lucy was just eighteen she visited a Salvation Army village for orphaned children and immediately wanted to volunteer but was disqualified because she was unmarried.  She was very disappointed and her desire to help the orphans only grew stronger over the years.

Lucas and Lucy were married and they quickly found that they shared much more than a loving connection with one another.  They both had the desire and compassion to help children that could not otherwise have a chance to have a future they so deserved.  They had continued providing for the orphans in Kenya when in 2008 they decided to start Homes of Hope International Organization.

The vision to, not only provide a safe home for orphaned children to live in, but to provide to each orphan in all of the most vital areas of their life; physically, scholastically and spiritually.  The vision to give all that is needed to the children so that when they become of age and prepare to become independent, they will be young adults, equipped with skills and all of the tools necessary to be productive members of their community.

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