About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Homes of Hope International Organization is to provide Education, Shelter and all of the basic needs of living to orphaned and displaced children while equipping them with the skills needed to become a productive and contributing member of their community in adulthood.

Our Vision

HOHI Organization’s vision is to work with partners and organizations to bring hope, stability and comfort to children who have lost parents. HOHI Organization seeks to provide training to impovished children by counseling and mentoring.

Our Values

HOHI Organization recognizes the great need to rescue children at risk and provide for them; helping to transition the children to a future that is full of hope. Our desire is to impact a generation who will be socially and culturally able to be productive adults and nation builders. The children are the hope of the world; we at HOHI Organization have a mission to transform their lives through, education, health and providing them a place for shelter.

HOHI Organization – DREAM HOME

Our vision is to build a dream-home complex that will house children in Kenya. The complex will comprise three floors:

  • Ground Floor- the ground floor will house the kitchen, storage and dinning area,
  • First Floor – the first floor will house the library, school, clinic,
  • Second Floor –will house the bedrooms, daycare, care taker rooms, tv area, laundry area

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